The small business CGT concessions: How they interact with trusts paper

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Publication date: 17 May 12



This paper covers:

  • analysis of the maximum net asset value test
  • the ‘connected with’ test - It’s all about control
  • control of an entity other than a discretionary trust - Particular trust issues
  • control of a discretionary trust - The “trustee reasonable to expect to act” control rule
  • control of a discretionary trust - Pattern of distributions rule
  • Commissioners exercise of discretion - 328-125(6)
  • the significance of the significant individual test
  • timing Issues with distributions from trusts and satisfying the significant individual test
  • the trust streaming measures
  • structuring issues and ordering of the concessions.

Author profile:

Author Photo - Vanessa Priest
Vanessa Priest
Vanessa is a Director in the Tax Consulting Group of BDO and has over 19 years experience in public practice as a taxation specialist. At BDO she focuses on the SME market, professional services, family trusts, and has a particular interest in the small business CGT concessions
Current at 16 October 2014
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This was presented at NSW 5th Annual Tax Forum.

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