Practical guidance on the tax issues arising for contractors and the businesses that engage them paper

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Publication date: 17 May 12



This paper covers:

  • the personal services income legislation
  • Part IVA and other case law
  • ATO audit and associated activity.

Author profile:

Gregory Travers CTA
Greg is the Director in charge of the Tax Services division of William Buck Sydney. Greg’s clients are predominantly private businesses, both Australian and foreign owned, as well as higher wealth individuals and families. The work undertaken by Greg is primarily advising on issues and transactions such as restructuring, exit strategies, business acquisitions and international expansion, along with referrals from accountants, lawyers and other advisers. Greg is the author of the new title The Tax Adviser’s Guide to Part IVA, published by The Tax Institute.
Current at 24 April 2014
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This was presented at NSW 5th Annual Tax Forum.

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