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Trusts & Estates: Taxation and Practice

Trusts & Estates

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The pre-eminent source for immediate, authoritative answers to trusts and estates issues

This second edition of Trusts & Estates: Taxation and Practice by Bernard Marks is an essential resource for any practitioner needing to understand even the most complex tax matters relating to trusts and estates.

An excellent blend of theoretical principles and practical insights that addresses the many challenging issues frequently encountered by lawyers, accountants, and tax professionals, this text is organised around the ‘life cycle’ of trusts and estates on a transactional basis with a logical structure and comprehensive coverage.

Key benefits and features of the second edition:

  • covers issues such as trust mergers, takeovers and demergers, trusts and income derivation; family trusts and distribution tax
  • provides an explanation and reference source on both federal tax law and trusts
  • places considerable emphasis on the Commissioner’s practice, including references to all relevant private rulings
  • provides the equity and trust law context in which the tax law operates, setting-out the relevant equity and trust rules for each tax issue
  • articulates and answers questions arising in practice and alerts practitioners to issues often not considered when giving advice 
  • alerts practitioners to the potential opportunities and dangers in a given transaction affecting trusts, estates, trust creators and beneficiaries.

Law stated as at 2009.

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